Our Brand Story

Unfortunately, negativity is rampant. Our world is full of a lot of fear, a lot of judgement and a lot of negativity! Statistics say the world is a more negative place than it was even a few years ago. I believe within each individual is the “response-ability” to shift this narrative. There is nothing like a positive word; it can make you smile, shout, cry and renew strength! Rüttees has turned positivity and self-validation into your favorite t-shirt, bag, and pair of shoes.

My story as an apparel designer actually came forth after losing the life I worked hard to build for myself. My first love of art and tshirts found me and gave me light. After surviving an abusive relationship, lay-off, divorce and loss of all assets I labeled myself as a failure. Years later, starting over from the very bedroom that I grew up in at my Parents house I found restorative healing in a spiritual journey of true self-discovery which involved designing and selling tshirts for local Churches, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

From my spiritual journey I have been able to experience a “life reset” and literally received a new name Rüt (pronounced “Root”) which in its origin translates into "companion and friend". Focusing on a positive mindset has been a healing balm for my life. I am continuing to work past trama, negative thoughts, feeling and behaviors by using my artistic talent to “design” new perspectives. I am now a self-professed POSITIVITY PUSHER! As a Designer, when someone wears Rüttees, I want them to be an embodiment of a positivity message that they and the people they encounter can embrace, own, live, and share.

I consider Rüttees to be more than a brand; it is a ministry and a mission. The ministry of my designs is to promote personal power with positivity. The mission is to be infectious with positivity to speak back to all the voices internally and externally that are negative and limiting.

“When the label is Rüttees the lifestyle is positivity.”

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